Sample annual schedule for Whole Herd Reporting

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Spring Calving Description Fall Calving
Dec. or Jan. 1 Update inventory requested June 1
February Updated inventory due date July
March 15 Association provides “No Progeny Report” on females missing previous year’s Whole Herd Reorting (WHR) requirements. August 15
April 15 "No Progeny Report" due back to association September 15
May Association inactivates cows without either a calf record or reason code for the previous year. October
May 15 Association provides preliminary inventory for heifer exposure information. November 15
July Association bills for annual WHR assessments based on herd inventory. December
August 1 Association provides producers with pre-listed weaning worksheets. March 1
August 15 End date heifer exposure inventory accepted with all exposure and disposal information. February 15
October 31 WHR assessment must be paid in full. April 31