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This article is a list of traits commonly observed in beef cattle. Some traits are economically relevant traits ( ERTs), directly affecting costs and income realized by an individual producer. Depending on marketing strategy, the same trait may be highly relevant, largely irrelevant, or an indicator of an ERT. Most of the entries in this table have links to a specific article with details about that trait. Also, you are encouraged to see the Selection and Mating section for guidance on using traits.

Authors, please feel free to add to this table, even if there is no specific linkable article with more details.

Also, if you make changes please arrange them in alphabetical order within row/column.

Category Trait
Average daily gain
Birth Weight
Days to finish
Dry matter intake
Feed efficiency
Frame score
Hip height
Mature height
Mature weight
Muscle score
Slaughter weight
Weaning weight
Yearling weight
Calving Interval
Days to calving
Gestation length
Heifer Pregnancy
Length of productive life
Reproductive tract score
Scrotal circumference
Sustained Cow Fertility
Twinning rate
Back fat thickness
Carcass weight
Dressing percentage
Drop weight
Marbling score
Quality grade
Ribeye area
Shear force
Ultrasound back fat thickness
Ultrasound intramuscular fat
Ultrasound rib eye area
Ultrasound rump fat
Yield grade
Body condition score
Calving difficulty score
Calving ease
Foot and leg score
Maintenance energy
Pelvic area
Shedding score
Teat and Udder Scores
Tooth score
Bovine respiratory disease (BRD)
Parasite egg count
Pre-weaning survival
Pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP)
Tick score