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Below are links to several useful articles to help readers and authors navigate and understand the BIF Guidelines wiki content. Check back here regularly as this list will expand and evolve.

Page Link Description
Glossary The Glossary contains a comprehensive list of terms of the art and their definitions. Please do not hesitate to suggest additions or corrections by contacting the BIF Guidelines Drafting Committee.
Essential Reading New to the BIF Guidelines is an Essential Reading list. It includes papers and books that are considered seminal to the student or practitioner of beef cattle breeding. It is divided into two sections. The first section includes work that would be more useful for cattlemen and industry professionals. The second section focuses on work that academic animal breeders and their graduate students should be familiar with.
Authors' Resources Here authors of these wiki pages will find information about the markdown language used to write these MediaWiki pages, as well as guidance and advice on developing the content.
Content You can view a complete list of all articles in the Guidelines and search it at any time by selecting the Table of Contents item in the Navigation box on the left.
Trait Template Instructions to authors of the trait pages on how to use the template for formatting.
Traits List of common traits by category with links to their detailed articles